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hello! My name is Katie Maria. I love morning routines, warm cups of coffee, and watching good old 90's classic TV.

Growing up I became obsessed with technology and little did I know this would end up as my career. 

My mom assigned me the 'family job" to record any and all family events. At first, it was such a dread. I wanted to play with my cousins.  I have a big family. My Mom is 1 of 16 and my Dad is 1 of 12. I soon discovered if I did a well enough job I could cut my hours short to satisfy my mother.  I decided to learn the ins and outs of our family cam corder.  I went through THE ENTIRE menu and ultimately found out how to add cute text, transitions, and learned about proper panning. I owe many many thanks to my Mother who "forced" me to capture our family, that in returned allowed me to value capturing my own now. 

At the age of 10, our family was able to apply to our school district for a free computer. YUP! FREE! It was based on low income measurements and not the fanciest, or newest computer BUT I WAS OBSESSED.  It was an older, clunky Windows PC and I wanted to learn everything about it. I learned the Menu, and settings, and found some free graphic design programs to start learning.  I would take family pictures of aunts, uncles, honestly...anyone that would let me. Then plug into program and add graphics, texts, borders, and ultimately begged my mom to buy me photo printer paper. She caved and I was able to print them out for family and friends! YAY! My mom soon realized how expensive ink was and cut me off. But my passion continued.

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Fast forward some years later and having my first son. I still enjoyed photography, little did I know I wasn't very good at it.  It was a passion of mine none the less!  I had my son at the age of 17 and I wanted to document every moment of his life. Every occasion, every first, and every special event was documented. I started with cameras I knew NOTHING about, and eventually dedicated my time to teaching myself how to shoot and edit proper photography. 

I then had my second son and my photography passion expanded to Videography as well. 

I wanted to express my creativity with this outlet. So I started blogging.  It became an area that allowed me to use my passion of now Photography and Videography combined.  The blog is what allowed me to then start taking on clients.  My business began to take light.

I was working as a school secretary at the time, and decided to venture out to my next career goal.  I looked into becoming a counselor, or teaching.  Teaching lined up for me. I was going to be the best Junior High Math teacher. While I was obtaining my teaching credential I found out I COULD TEACH VIDEOGRAPHY!!! What!?

Thus, began my journey to entering my current DREAM position as a High School Video Production Teacher. I get to teach my students my amazing craft with four Introduction to Video classes and one Advanced Film Production Class.


Now, I want to teach YOU!  


KM Photography & Media has since grown from taking on Lifestyle Sessions, Weddings, capturing all things now adding Educational Courses that will allow YOU to learn this craft. 

The difference between me and another Photographer?

Being in the classroom and knowing the craft has allowed me to combine my two worlds and create something different than what other photographers have created. 

I want you to capture your events, your firsts, your celebrations with the beauty of photography!

Join me in this passion of all things memories, business, digital media, and juggling all the many hats!

I'm here for you! 

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